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Jefferson-Jackson Day Celebrations of Democratic Party

I posted an entry on the Nye County Nevada Democratic Party’s Facebook group yesterday. The Wikipedia article mentioned the equivalent day marked by the Republican Party. They call it Lincoln Day or Reagan Day. I had to chuckle a bit. … Continue reading

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Capitalism and Greed

Yesterday I watched Capitalism: A Love Story again. It is the production of Michael Moore, the acclaimed conservative film maker. (Yes, I know he is not really an “acclaimed conservative film maker.”) I had watched the movie/documentary when it first … Continue reading

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Reagan stashed $20 trillion in White House Rose Garden

In what government officials are calling a stirring testament to the leadership and foresight of late U.S. president Ronald Reagan, nearly $20 trillion in low denomination bills were discovered this week buried in the White House Rose Garden. Hey, that … Continue reading

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Republican Congressman Dean Heller’s Dilemma

Does he sit tight in his present position or run against Senator Harry Reid or run for Governor of Nevada or wait and run against Senator John Ensign? Harry Reid Still no announcement of a Republican willing to tackle Senator … Continue reading

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