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Growponics, Rumors, and Pahrump-Nye County Obstacles

Growponics is back on the agenda of the Pahrump Town Board for March 22. After entering into a lease/option agreement with the Town of Pahrump to establish their business in Pahrump, the business has encountered significant resistance. Growponics designs and … Continue reading

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Jobs for America Now! Nationwide

The following is a guest contribution to this blog by Mr. Anthony C. Alosi, of Pahrump, Nevada. The purpose of this article is to aid and stimulate the U.S. Government into immediate action of supplying funding for JOB CREATION IMMEDIATELY. … Continue reading

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As I watch the effects of joblessness in the United States several thoughts course through my mind. The number of available jobs have steadily decreased over the years because multinational corporations have outsourced jobs to foreign countries. Mostly, I have … Continue reading

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Capitalism the cause of job losses?

I keep remembering the wholesale outsourcing of manufacturing jobs by global corporations over the past decade or so. Auto manufacturers outsourced their jobs to Mexico. Computer software companies outsourced their technical support to India, and so on. As they did … Continue reading

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Heller angers constituent

Dean Heller, R-Nev., told some 70 members of Carson City’s Rotary Club Tuesday he has voted against all the stimulus projects, including the Cash for Clunkers program, because they will run up the national debt but won’t work. [See Heller’s … Continue reading

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Nye County Unemployment Sets Record

The Nye County unemployment rate has reached 12%, the highest level since the 1970s. [Pahrump Mirror, July 23, 2009, page 1] The rate in Las Vegas is 6.5% according to the Mirror.

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