Democrats Steven Horsford and John Lee compete in CD#4

Horsford Nevada Democrat State Senators Steven Horsford (D-Las Vegas) and John Lee (D-North Las Vegas) have bothjohnlee announced they wish to be the Democratic Party’s nominee to run for the United States Congress in 2012 to represent new Nevada Congressional District #4. CD#4 includes the entirety of Nye County.

Lee’s campaign website can be found at Vote John Lee. He is also on Wikipedia.

Horsford’s campaign website can be found at Steven Horsford Democrat for Congress. Senator Horsford can also be found on Wikipedia.

CegavskeOn the Republican side Nevada Republican State Senator Barbara Cegavske (R-Las Vegas) announced last Thursday she will also seek her party’s nomination to run for the United States Congress in 2012 to represent Congressional District #4.

Cegavske can be found on Wikipedia. I haven’t located her campaign website for Congress yet. I expect it will be up shortly.

According to the Las Vegas Review Journal she is a conservative Republican.

Cegavske says her campaign will focus on fiscal policy and regulatory reform. She says she’s also committed to protecting and preserving Social Security and Medicare. [The Republic]

The Republic also states “Democrats hold a 13 percentage point voter registration advantage over Republicans in the new congressional district. Non-partisan voters account for about 15 percent.”

“I will work every day to get government out of the business of punishing our job creators and in the business of protecting and preserving Social Security and Medicare for our seniors,” vows Cegavske. [Nevada News Bureau]

That quote sounds like the usual GOP line—”get government out of the business of punishing our job creators”—and the fact she is characterized as a conservative makes me nervous.

She spouts the usual GOP line.

“We can improve our economy and get people back to work if we send people to Congress who are committed to sound fiscal policy, sensible tax policy and regulatory reform,” she said. “I am committed to protecting and preserving Social Security and Medicare for our senior citizens and for future generations.” [Nevada News Bureau]

The Nevada News Bureau also mentions that a Republican Las Vegas business man, Dan Schwartz plans to seek the nomination of the Nevada Republican Party for the Congressional seat. First I’ve heard of him. Since he plans to seek the seat doesn’t necessarily mean he will announce and actually run. We’ll see. If he does then Cegavske will have some primary competition. However, the Nevada News Bureau in another paragraph states he has announced.

But the Las Vegas Sun reported today (November 12) that:

Las Vegas businessman Dan Schwartz has also filed papers with the Federal Elections Commission to begin raising money for the CD4 race. He has not formally launched his campaign yet.

So I guess he is in. Will have to find out more about Schwartz in another blog post. I looked for his campaign website but find it is “under maintenance.”

Though Democrats hold an advantage in this new Congressional District 4, Anjeanette Damon of the Sun reports:

Democrats have a 13-point voter registration advantage in the district, but Republican strategists believe the vote might favor the GOP because of the rural counties.

And therein lies the rub. The “rural counties” have always voted Republican in the past. It is really going to be interesting to see how the election works out in November 2012. Particularly in Nye County. Nye County Democrats will have to really get with it if Nye County remains Republican, which it almost certainly will.

There will be more to come in the weeks and months ahead. One thing for sure, we in Nye County will see some unfamiliar faces during the election campaigns.

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