Nevada Congressional District Map

Nevada Congressional District Map

Nevada Congressional District Map

The Nevada District Court released Nevada’s congressional district maps today. Three “special masters” appointed by Judge Todd Russell drew the maps after holding hearings and taking public testimony this week. If this map is adopted Nye County will be in Congressional District #4. Not only that but the fortunes of the Nye County Democratic Party might change somewhat significantly.

• The 1st Congressional District would cover urban Las Vegas. It would include 52 percent Democrats and 25 percent Republicans. It would have the highest percentage of Hispanics of any Nevada district, at 42.8 percent.

• The 2nd Congressional District would cover Washoe County and Northern Nevada. That seat, held by Republican Mark Amodei, R-Carson City, would be 35 percent Democratic and 42 percent Republican.

• The 3rd Congressional District, which is held by Heck, a Republican, would cover most of Southern Clark County and would be 40 percent Democratic and 37 percent Republican.

• The 4th Congressional District would include the northern parts of Clark County, most of North Las Vegas and White Pine, Mineral, Esmeralda, Nye, Lincoln and part of Lyon County. It would have 46 percent Democrats and 33 percent Republicans.

Within the 4th Congressional District Democrats running for CD#4 seats would appear to have a significant edge. This might prove interesting.

The Democratically controlled Legislature passed two sets of maps, both vetoed by Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval.

Democrats have five major candidates announced for the three Southern Nevada seats, setting up potentially nasty primary battles. Those candidates are Senate Majority Leader Steven Horsford; Speaker John Oceguera; Sen. John Lee and Sen. Ruben Kihuen; former Rep. Dina Titus.

Oceguera lives in the 3rd District. Horsford and Lee live in the 4th District. Titus and Kihuen live in the 1st District, according to a Democratic source. That, however, does not lock them into running for those seats.

Congressional candidates do not have to live in the district for which they are running.

According to a Sun analysis of state Senate districts, the new boundaries will have:

  • 9 safe Democratic seats (double-digit voter registration advantage),
  • three lean-Democratic seats,
  • four safe-Republican seats,
  • one lean-Republican seat,
  • four tossup seats (essentially equal numbers of Democrats and Republicans).

Under the maps proposed, one seat would move from Northern Nevada to Clark County, as expected, giving the south 15 seats and the north 6 seats.

In the Nevada Assembly, the news is not much better for Republicans.

According to a Sun analysis, the Assembly has:

  • 22 safe Democratic seats,
  • four lean-Democratic seats,
  • nine safe Republicans seats,
  • two lean-Republican seats,
  • five tossup seats.

[Las Vegas Sun]

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