Crashing Governor Sandoval’s Picnic

Students and Nye County Democrats protest Governor Sandoval’s cuts in budget.

Today, twenty-seven people gathered at the Pahrump Winery to protest Republican Governor Brian Sandoval’s drastic reduction of Nevada’s education budget for Nevada’s schools.

Twenty-one UNLV students filled a bus in Las Vegas and came to the Pahrump Winery to participate in the demonstration. Two Great Basin College students joined with them to protest. Four Nye County Democrats also participated in the protest.

The demonstration was initiated, organized and conducted by the students use of their Facebook Group called “Nevada Students Unite Here,” and coordinated it with members of the Nye County Democratic Party.

Yvanna D. Cancela, Political Director for the Culinary Workers Union, Local 226 in Las Vegas provided logistical support for the demonstration.

The protesting group marched along the roadway opposite the picnic sponsored by the Nye County Republican Party in celebration of Governor Sandoval’s election as Nevada’s Governor. Attendees paid $50 a head to attend the picnic.

The demonstrator’s chanted “SOS – Save our Schools” as they displayed their signs of protest in clear view of the Governor and his picnic party.

The Governor sent a representative to inform the protestors he heard them and commended them for exercising their First Amendment rights.

The picnic and demonstrators were covered by members of the local news media, the Pahrump Valley Times and the Pahrump Mirror. Reporters interviewed some of the demonstrators and Jack Wood, administrator of the Facebook group “Nye County Nevada Democrats.”

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  1. TurboKitty says:

    Great coverage Jack … and a good turnout too … =)

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