Byron Georgiou: Candidate for US Senator

georgiouI’m a bit behind, but have learned that Byron Georgiou is a candidate for United States Senator for Nevada. His name is new to me so I thought I’d see what I could learn about him and share it with you.

He is listed in Wikipedia which helps. Byron Stephen Georgiou is a financial lawyer, and an investor. In 2009, Georgiou was appointed by United States Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission (FCIC).


Mr. Georgiou received his undergraduate degree with Great Distinction from Stanford University in 1970, attending on a full Alfred P. Sloan academic scholarship, and his Juris Doctor degree Magna Cum Laude in 1974 from Harvard Law School.


Georgiou spent time working on behalf of farmworkers via the California Agricultural Labor Relations Board in the late 1970s and as a counselor to then-California Gov. Jerry Brown in the early 1980s before going into private law practice in San Diego 1983-1994.[1]

Georgiou is currently “of counsel” with the law firm Coughlin Stoia Geller Rudman and Robbins LLP.[2] and related San Diego firm Robbins Geller Rudman & Dowd LLP.[3] He "helped lead a team of 30 lawyers to recover $7.5 billion for investors bilked in the Enron fiasco."[2] With Coughlin Stoia and Robbins Geller since 2000, he has had a "leadership role" in the litigations prosecuting financial fraud on behalf of defrauded investors at Enron, WorldCom, Dynegy, AOLTimeWarner, and UnitedHealth.[1][3]

Georgiou is currently president of Georgiou Enterprises, which has wide ranging interests including partnerships in several private equity firms; a portfolio of carbon emission reduction projects in China that generate carbon credits under the Kyoto protocol; environmental cleanup of deep coal mining sites; residential and commercial real estate and golf course management and development; and the provision of customer services at regional shopping centers throughout America.[1]

He serves on the advisory board of Harvard Law’s corporate governance program[4] and contributes to its blog.[2]

Political Involvement

Georgiou is a lifelong Democrat. He gave $115,000 to Democrats in the 2008 election cycle, including more than $50,000 to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.[2]

Service on financial crisis commission

Georgiou was one of three appointees by Sen. Reid to the commission, along with fellow Nevada resident Heather Murren and Sen. Bob Graham, (D-FL).

At the time of Georgiou’s appointment to the FCIC, concerns were raised about conflict of interest question, pointing to Coughlin Stoia lawsuits against big Wall Street firms. A report at the time said Georgiou had no equity in the firm and no financial stake in the lawsuits. Lucian Bebchuk, who runs the Harvard Law corporate governance program and consulted with Georgiou on the financial-fraud issues, said Georgiou brought "a rich experience and broad perspective" to the commission assignment, at the same time.[2]

In the opening FCIC session in September, 2009, "Commissioner Georgiou highlighted the importance of untangling the ‘too big to fail‘ phenomenon. He also emphasized that the Commission should probe the role played by financial instruments and policies which allowed the creators of securities to abandon responsibility for the ultimate performance or failure of assets."[5]

Personal Life

Mr. Georgiou has lived in Las Vegas, Nevada since 2005.[2] He and his wife, Dr. Thérèse Collins, have one daughter.[1]


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I will be seeking to become Mr. Georgiou’s friend on Facebook and invite his participation in the Nye County Democratic Party’s group page as well. We all need to learn about candidates for the senate. In fact I invite you to become my Facebook Friend as well and if you also want to join the Nye County Nevada Democratic Party’s Facebook group just let me know on Facebook.

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