Nevada Tax Chief Sacked

steve_sebeliusSo tweeted Steve Sebelius this afternoon, with “Tax chief sacked after admitting he’s got no way to audit the mining industry.”

Dino DiCianno, the tax honcho, told Nevada’s Senate’s Revenue Committee and confessed his department had no auditors qualified to review the mining industry’s tax returns. So, now he’s out of a job. He told Governor Sandoval he intended to retire, immediately. Sebelius wrote:

If only DiCanno had informed the governor that he had no mining tax auditors, and had not for two years, maybe he’d have been able to stay on.

Governor Sandoval issued this statement:

“I appreciate Dino’s many years of service to the state of Nevada and I wish him well in his retirement,’ Sandoval said in his statement. “He has been a loyal and dedicated public servant for three decades.”

“[A] deputy tax official and a lobbyist for the mining industry telling lawmakers that they are totally sure the industry is honest and paying its fair share, but admitting there was no way to ensure that and finally adding the industry “operates under a self-reporting tax system,” Sebelius noted.

Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal

Tell those kids losing their schools and ability to attend college just how fair and honest the mining industry is in paying its fair share of taxes.


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2 Responses to Nevada Tax Chief Sacked

  1. nevada says:

    Dino DiCiannno ‘We do a helluva job collecting taxes’

  2. As a Nevada claim holder of record, as well as a State of Alaska Mining Claim holder (where Alaskan citizens benefit from a mining royalty), I have no problem with Nevada citizens benefiting from the mineral wealth of Nevada. In fact as a good citizen, I think it is our duty to keep Nevada schools from dropping back to a four-day school week to save dollars.
    What I really object to is Canadian, and multinational foreign corporations walking away with Nevada’s school lunch programs.
    And while I am at it, let me say that the golden age of small Nevada corporations, was when the graduated income tax rates promoted write-offs for exploration.
    Barry Murray

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