Growponics, Rumors, and Pahrump-Nye County Obstacles

growponicsGrowponics is back on the agenda of the Pahrump Town Board for March 22. After entering into a lease/option agreement with the Town of Pahrump to establish their business in Pahrump, the business has encountered significant resistance.

Growponics designs and builds automated, computerized, and controlled hydroponic systems in a unique business model that guarantees successful growing. They offer a unique, sustainable greenhouse designed to grow commercial quantities of hydroponic, pesticide/ herbicide-residue-free, pathogen-free, green leafy vegetables, herbs, and vine plants, while making optimal use of resources, such as water, energy, labor and land.

They expect to provide some 150 jobs to Pahrump, a welcome event.

But, nothing seems to go as planned in Pahrump. A legal growponicsquestion has arisen whether the Town of Pahrump could even convey use of the leased land to Growponics. The property upon which Growponics wishes to build was conveyed to the Town of Pahrump some years ago, but with a deed restriction requiring that the property could only be used for a public purpose.

The question being whether or not Growponics use of the land would be for a “public” vs. commercial use of the land. The Town’s attorney says the lease/option agreement is valid and does not run afoul of the deed restriction. The Nye County District Attorney’s opinion is the exact opposite. So there is that legal conflict.

The question has been bantered about for several months now, without being resolved. Frankly, I don’t see why either the Town or Nye County or both don’t simply file a Petition for a Declaratory Judgment with the District Court seeking a judicial determination as to the effect of the deed restriction.

Growponics-Pic-9-300x199Now, it seems, rumors are filtering about that Growponics actually wants to grow marijuana, rather than leafy vegetables. Residents of Pahrump seem to hatch rumors at the drop of a hat.

Then it turns up there is another problem. A Pahrump resident named Jack Sanders, says he has an agreement with Nye County which would be breached if an agricultural business is permitted on the leased property. Mr. Sanders is apparently intending to develop a winery close by the Growponics site, and that he understood from his agreement with Nye County that a public park would be placed on the property.

So it sounds like the Town and the County have obligated themselves to opposite purposes. Sort of the left hand didn’t know what the right hand has been doing with respect to the leased property.

Nothing new about the lack of communication and coordination between the two local governments. They seem to be reluctant to work together, but that is a whole different book. But it does indicate to me a significant reason why Pahrump shouldn’t incorporate so they can operate as a town and conduct their business more rapidly than they seem to be able to do under their current jurisdictions.

So the Growponics matter gets on the agenda, then gets tabled, and delayed seemingly over and over and over.

It is no wonder it is so difficult to attract businesses into Pahrump and Nye County, and the jobs they create. Having to fiddle around in dealing with two separate governmental entities to get anything done would discourage any business owner from locating here. If it were me I’d be tempted to just throw my hands up and shake the Pahrump/Nye County dust from my feet and see about relocating in Utah, California or Arizona and get on with it.

I invite you to check out the internet links to the Growponics business given above and check it out for yourselves. To me it is a no brainer. Having Growponics here in Pahrump would be a good thing—a very good thing—not only for Pahrump and Nye County but for Growponics as well. They intend to grow all those leafy vegetables here to become a supplier to all those restaurants and grocery stores in Las Vegas and Pahrump, plus Farmers’ Markets with fresh produce which doesn’t have to be shipped in from Mexico or wherever else, lessening the costs. Plus with an expected $5 million dollar budget shortfall Nye County faces after the state of Nevada finishes their budget, Nye County and the Town of Pahrump needs the tax revenue Growponics will provide.

Source: Pahrump Mirror (March 17, page 7)

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3 Responses to Growponics, Rumors, and Pahrump-Nye County Obstacles

  1. Insider Info says:

    Growponics is not building in Pahrump, and has moved to another town in Nevada to supply LEAFY GREENS for the State. Representatives From Growponics will be flying into Las Vegas on April 6th to conclude the land purchase of 50 acres of land, 55-acre feet of water and meeting with potential investors. Growponics will not be in Pahrump, Growponics doesn’t grow illegal plants.

    If you want to invest in any or all of GPA facilities across the country, contact them at

  2. Featheriver says:

    Where will the 50 acres of land be that Growponics is going to buy?

  3. BaileyWuXiang says:

    Are you kidding. All that and not word about the radiation drifting down the valley in the ground water?

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