Nevada College Tuition Going Up

sandoval_t178“Gov. Brian Sandoval has suggested that students pay ‘significantly higher fees’ to attend Nevada colleges and universities, higher education officials said Wednesday,” reports the Las Vegas Sun.

“Heidi Gansert, Sandoval’s chief of staff, said Nevada institutions have low tuition rates compared to similar colleges and universities.”

Average in-state tuition is about $5,600 per year for the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and University of Nevada, Reno, excluding books, room and board, lab fees and other costs, according to a higher education spokesman. Average tuition for the College of Southern Nevada is $2,243, according to the Sun.

Sure makes it tough on kids trying to get into college. Excluding kids from college because of high costs of attending is counter productive. This obsession about never raising taxes that politicians currently have does have repercussions. Maybe Nevada should rethink its position on income taxes.

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  1. Alice Pricre says:

    Hi, Your blog rocks!! so great to get a hold of some real infomation.Thanks for the great read.

  2. Featheriver says:

    Thanks Alice. Glad you benefited from the read.

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