Growponics thriving in Arkansas

Growfresh Organics and More – Opened For BusinessPahrump may be reluctant to embrace hydrophonics but Arkansas isn’t. The modern way of growing and producing fresh vegetables has spawned a local business in Ft. Smith, Arkansas.

Founded in 2007 as a tree nursery Growfresh has developed into a full service store and resource for novice to expert home and commercial gardeners who are growing, or who want to grow, fresh food year round.  Whether you are a novice or a seasoned gardener you will find everything you need for indoor and outdoor gardening; information and supplies including hydroponics systems, non-toxic and poison-free plant pest and disease control, plants, trees, and seeds; as well as classes, and consultation on topics related to products, practices, and industry innovations.  Sustainable foods systems are an integral part of our lives, let’s grow fresh together.

You don’t have to wait on Pahrump to move into the 21st century. You can grow your own vegetables in your own back yard. No Town Board Meeting or Board of Commissioners required. Grow’em and sell’em. Be self employed!

Source: Growfresh organics and more

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One Response to Growponics thriving in Arkansas

  1. Cindy says:

    Awesome! How super cool and exciting! I heard the owner is a great guy and super knowlegeable. Definitely a must check out if hanging out in Fort Smith!

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