And God spoke to Sharron Angle

angle“Fortunately, I rely on the good Lord for guidance, and He has told me that Nevada needs to cut its government by at least 54%.” – Sharron Angle

“Brian Sandoval correctly points out that we cannot throw money at a problem.  Let’s face it, education in Nevada stinks.”

So says Sharron Angle in an article written by her contained in The Nevada View. She was writing about Republican Governor’s state of the state address. She blames government. “Clearly, it’s all the fault of government in the first place.  If they weren’t running education, it would take care of itself.”

“It is the duty of the superior class of people (wealthy + white + Christian) to contain these other “heathen” people.  So why waste money educating them?  Just put them to work in our factories at extremely low wages, and America will regain its number one status in the world.  It is the outsourcing of jobs to third world countries that has caused most of our problems.  Blame unions and these lower class organizers who have a sense of entitlement who are to blame.”

She continued:

“As my friend over at Desert Conservative said, we need to fight against the homosexual agenda of the Democrats and the teachers’ unions.  Clearly, that is why they want more funding for education, so they can ram that gay stuff down our throats.  I don’t think so!  No more kowtowing to coloreds and gays.  We must take back Nevada.”

Well, we know how she stands. Anyone want to recall their vote for Mrs. Angle?

Update January 28, 2011: I received a comment from Justin, who I understand is an editor for The Nevada View. Justin informed me that the article about Mrs. Angle was a parody, not written by Mrs. Angle at all. In fact, if one scrolls to the bottom of the page on The Nevada View it expressly states it is a parody.

I missed that when I read it and when I wrote the blog post. But I want to straighten it out rather than erroneously tag the authorship of the article onto Mrs. Angle.

Justin did say that the quote about not “kowtowing to coloreds and gays” was written by Mrs. Angle.

Hope this doesn’t confuse you. I do like to be accurate in this blog.


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4 Responses to And God spoke to Sharron Angle

  1. Launce says:

    This was a parody, not written by Angle and I don’t believe it was meant to be taken seriously.

  2. Featheriver says:

    The article in The Nevada View certainly attributes authorship to Sharron Angle. How do you arrive at the conclusion she did not write it, parody or not?

  3. Justin says:

    My apologies Jack. It is a little hard to see, but it is attributed to Sharron’s Angle. The apostrophe is supposed to make the difference, plus there is a disclaimer at the very bottom of the article.

    The parody Angle is a regular guest on TNV, and certainly worth a few laughs. However, the link to the Desert Conservative, wherein they talk about a gay agenda in public schools, that is for real.

    Again, sorry about the confusion.


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