Sharron Angle opposes maternity leave and insurance coverage of autism

Sharron Angle on Autism and Maternity Leave

She, at a Tea Party Rally in 2009, said:

"Take off the mandates for coverage in the state of Nevada and all over the United States. You know what I’m talking about. You’re paying for things that you don’t even need. They just passed the latest one, is everything that they want to throw at us now is covered under ‘autism’."

She went on to say,

"So, that’s a mandate that you have to pay for. How about maternity leave? I’m not going to have anymore babies, but I sure get to pay for it on my insurance. Those are the kinds of things that we want to get rid of."

“Her comments regarding autism coverage refer to Assembly Bill 162, which passed with sweeping bipartisan support in the Nevada Legislature in 2009. Only two Nevada legislators voted no on the bill: Assemblyman Ed Goedhart, R-Amargosa, Churchill, Esmeralda, Lincoln, Mineral, Nye counties, and Assemblyman Don Gustavson, R-Sparks, Humboldt, Lander, Washoe counties. The bill passed 60-2 in both houses with one legislator absent,” reported Huffington Post.

Angle is against reformation of health care coverage that went into effect yesterday. “She has said she will work to repeal it. requiring insurance companies to cover children with pre-existing conditions, removing life-time coverage caps and allowing young adults children to stay on their parents’ policies take effect this week.” Las Vegas Sun.

Angle is one cold-hearted woman. She has called “out-of-work Nevadans ‘spoiled’ by unemployment benefits and saying that rape victims should ‘make lemons into lemonade’ by having their attacker’s child, but mocking those suffering with autism – and in fact scapegoating their coverage for our nation’s current health care woes – is exceptionally cruel and represents a new low, even for Sharron Angle." Huffington Post.

Angle is obviously selfish. She doesn’t intend to spend a dime of her own money in aid of less fortunate Americans. She apparently doesn’t have a charitable bone in her body. She doesn’t even care about  raped children.

When she appeared on conservative talk show of Bill Manders a caller asked her about insurance companies being required to insure people with “pre-existing conditions” she said it was “an insurance problem, not a health care problem” and “that the insurance cost problem can be addressed very well by the free market.”

Nonsense! That insurance companies would not insure people with pre-existing conditions was one of the primary reasons Health Insurance Reform was passed by Congress.

In 2005, when the Congress was under Republican control she said she would not have provided relief to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Huffington Post.Huffington Post.

Angle has become infamous for her interpretation of the Second Amendment, which she has said is intended to ensure that the people have the means to engage in armed revolt "when our government becomes tyrannical," suggesting that the time to employ such "Second Amendment remedies" may arrive if politicians like Harry Reid are not voted out of office. "[T]he nation is arming," says Angle, because the people "are afraid they’ll have to fight for their liberty in more Second Amendment kinds of ways." Huffington Post.

Even one of Angle’s Republican colleagues, Dawn Gibbons, says Angle should not be elected to the United States Senate. See video on Huffington Post.

Angle wants to abolish the Department of Education, withdraw from the United Nations, ban same-sex marriage, opposes abortion even in cases of rape and incest, favors privatization of Medicare, opposes fluoridating drinking water, wants to transition Social Security out, wants to abolish the IRS code, audit the Federal Reserve, abolish Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, opposes legalization of marijuana and alcohol, does not believe in global warming, wants to repeal regulations governing off-shore oil drilling, or drilling in ANWR, and supported three coal-fired plants in Ely, Nevada. See Wikipedia.

Ms. Angle is, just as Senator Harry Reid has alleged, too extreme, even in Nevada.

It is amazing to me that she seems to be polling enough support to beat Senator Reid. Democrats that want competent representation in the United States Senate had best turn out in droves on November 2nd and vote, else they may well find they have no representation at all. It is painfully obvious and clear that Mrs. Angle doesn’t care about people, just herself.

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