Sarah Palin backs Sharron Angle

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin

I don’t find the fact that Sarah Palin backs Sharron Angle as particularly surprising.

Palin donated $2,500 (the limit) to Angle. Palin also donated to the following campaigns during April 1 to June 30:

  • Governor Terry Branstad in Iowa;
  • Joe Miller running against Senator Lisa Murkowski in Alaska;
  • Republican Carly Fiorina running for the Senate in California;

Palin is paying her financial dues to her fellow Republicans in preparation for something. I expect she’ll be running for something in 2012 or at least be set up for a plumb appointment (maybe to the cabinet) from the Republican Party.

The Las Vegas Sun notes Palin has supported Tea Party candidates.

[Source: Las Vegas Sun; See also The Daily Beast]

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