GOP Exploiting Hard Times?

Harold Wasserman wrote a letter to the editor of the Las Vegas Sun. Harold wrote:

Recent editorials and letters to the editor have taken the Republicans to task for fighting extensions of unemployment benefits and financial reform. This obviously falls on deaf ears within the Republican Party because it is to the GOP’s political advantage to keep unemployment high and have people with short memories dissatisfied so they will blame their problems on the current administration.

The Republican Party has shown time and time again its disdain for the average working person. It also has shown how easy it is to get the uninformed voter to consistently vote against his or her best interests.

I agree with Mr. Wasserman. It is is beyond me how the GOP figures it is bettering its political position by blocking extension of unemployment benefits. It doesn’t make sense to me either that peoplewith short memories would blame Obama or the Democratic Congress for the actions of the GOP.

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