Sharron Angle was a Democrat

It doesn’t really matter much to me what political views are held by Mrs. Angle. But, according to the Associated Press, Mrs. Angle was a registered Democrat from June 1984 until March 1988.

She left the Republican Party during the zenith of the Ronald Reagan and re-registered as a Democrat. Kind of surprised me to learn that. She apparently didn’t mention her Democratic background during her campaign.

Wonder if she is another Arlen Specter?

Nevada registration records show that Angle was a member of three, and possibly four, political parties since the 1970s and she might have left the GOP for more than a decade. According to the Associated Press.

She was registered to the Independent American Party in 1996 switching to the Republican party in 1997.

National Republicans are promising to bankroll her campaign against Harry Reid.

She apparently has difficulty in making up her mind about just who she is. She has stated she wants to phase out Social Security and Medicare, but has since turned around saying “I want to save Medicare and Social Security.”

As far as I know she has not provided any details of any plan to either save or phase out Social Security or Medicare. She’s going to have to fish or cut bait at some point.

[Source: Las Vegas Sun]

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