Sharron Angle wants to phase out Social Security

Sharron Angle Sharron Angle wants to phase out Social Security and Medicare. “We need to phase Medicare and Social Security out,” she says on the video.

Mrs. Angle might want to do that, but she’s still young, healthy and active. My wife and I are 77, old, and getting less active by the day. Lord, she sounds as bad as George Bush.

She may be a conservative Tea Bagger but fiddling around with Social Security and Medicare, which works for me and my wife, just isn’t going to get it, irrespective of what she wants to do.

My comment to those of you who are Republican or Libertarian or Tea Baggers is simple. Do you think you want to give up your Social Security and Medicare just so Mrs. Angle can get elected? Think about it. You’ll be cutting off your nose to spite your face.

She told Jon Ralston on Face to Face “We need to phase Social Security and Medicare out in favor of something privatized. We know the government never gives…Don’t fix it…It can’t be fixed. It’s broken.”

Had Bush been successful in privatizing Social Security us old folks would most likely been out in the streets looking for a soup kitchen when the market bottom fell out recently.

[Source: Las Vegas Sun]

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