Angle ducks media

Sharron Angle Senate nominee Sharron Angle (R-NV), who has adopted a pattern of avoiding all media except for friendly right-wing radio and TV talk show hosts, had an amusing run-in with a local CBS station’s reporter in Las Vegas — who repeatedly asked her tough questions. [Talking Points Memo]

The CBS reporter asked Angle about her campaign statements on her website about “transitioning out” of Social Security. She denied meaning she wanted to eliminate the Social Security program—instead she wanted to save it. She said “You believe the Harry Reid lie.”

She wouldn’t answer a question about her statement that “Second Amendment remedies” if Congress is not reined in.

I’m afraid that Sharron Angle is sort of like Sarah Palin. An air head. That Nevada voters could elect her over Harry Reid doesn’t make sense. But sometimes Nevada voters don’t make sense.

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