Nevada’s Republicans Debate

Sue Lowden Five Republican candidates bent on ousting the Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, debated last night.

Michael Mishak of the Las Vegas Sun concluded that Sue Lowden and Danny Tarkanian “stole the show.”

All the candidates were in general agreement wrote Mishak. “All support Arizona’s tough new immigration law and oppose Congress’ financial regulatory reform efforts.”

Tarkanian attacked Lowden’s “suggestion that bartering is an effective means to reduce health care costs.”

Lowden attacked Tarkanian for “disregarding Reagan’s 11th Commandment to not speak ill of other Republicans and targeted his record as a lawyer.” She claimed the “Nevada Supreme Court had ‘reprimanded him for practicing without a license.”

Tarkanian answered, saying “Lowden has waffled on her positions, citing the federal bank bailout in particular. He also attacked her tax record as a state legislator and her past donations to Reid’s campaigns.” The audience booed.

Lowden admitted she and her husband had supported Reid “decades” ago. The crowed booed. She added that Senator Reid had changed.

I don’t know if its because he’s been there for three decades or because of the leadership, but he’s a different person than he was three decades ago. I’m making sure he doesn’t go back to Washington to represent us.

Lowden touted her fund raising. “She leads the Republican field in the money race, having raised $2.1 million.” A wealthy candidate, she matched her donations in the last quarter.

Sharron Angle, the favored candidate of the Tea Party Express also attacked Lowden. Mishak concludes Lowden is leading the Republican race and time is getting short with the Primary election June 8.

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