Nye Republicans straw vote for US Senate

Bill Parson The Nye County Republican Party held a precinct meeting on Valentine’s day at Rosemary Clarke Middle School in Pahrump. 80 members showed up.

A straw vote was taken to ascertain which candidate the Nye County Republicans wanted to run against Harry Reid, the Democratic Senate Majority Leader in Congress.

Nye County Commissioner Fely Quitevis counted the votes.

Name Votes
Bill Parson 34
Sue Lowden 24
Danny Tarkanian 8
Sharron Angle 7
Mark Amodei 1

That adds up to a total vote of 74. Apparently six members of the 80 didn’t vote at all.

Add to that the straw votes from Amargosa Valley which were two votes for Lowden and one for Parson and one vote undecided.

A straw vote for the governor’s race showed:

Name Votes
Jim Gibbons 38
Mike Montandon 11
Brian Sandoval 21

Amargosa Valley gave Governor Jim Gibbons 4 votes.

Parson is from the Texas panhandle. “I didn’t know we were poor until I left Texas,” he is quoted as saying. He worked in the oil fields in the summers, enlisted in the Marine Corps at age 18, finishing his military career as a Staff Sergeant. He was in the 4th Tank Battalion in the Marine Corps Reserves. He returned to active duty in 1981, enlisted in OCS (Officer Candidate School) being commissioned in 1985. He totals 23 years in the military. [Pahrump Valley Times]

All that gives us some sense as to how Nye County’s Republicans see the senate and governor’s races coming up this summer in the primary election.

Just who these people are and their qualifications for the senate and governor’s offices is still unknown. The Republicans will pick their choice in the primary election to be held this coming summer.

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