2010 election for Nevada Senator and governor poll

2010 Election

A Mason-Dixon Polling & Research poll conducted October 6-8 of Nevada voters found that 44 percent of registered Republicans were undecided about whom they would vote for in the party’s primary.

Republicans vs. Republicans

Twenty-three percent said they would support former state party Chairwoman Sue Lowden.

Twenty-one percent said they backed Las Vegas real estate developer Danny Tarkanian.

Sharron Angle came in at 9 percent.

Bill Parson, Robin Titus, Mike Wiley, Chuck Kozak, Mark Amodei, John Chachas all register at 1 percent or below among the primary electorate.

The margin of error was plus or minus 6 percentage points.

Tarkanian and Lowden both lead Democratic Senator Harry Reid in a hypothetical general election contest. Tarkanian by 5 percent and Lowden by 10 percent among registered voters surveyed.

The margin of error is plus or minus 4.5 percent.

Half of the voters polled said they held a negative opinion of Reid, compared with 38 percent who view him favorably.

I predict the Republican primary will be between Lowden and Tarkanian and that Lowden will win it.

Senator John Ensign

Mason-Dixon also polled registered voters on Republican Senator John Ensign. Nevada voters who want to replace him now outnumber those who want to re-elect him by a 2-to-1 margin. But no Republican has announced to run against Ensign.

I predict Ensign will decide not to run for re-election.

Governor of Nevada

Republican Brian Sandoval would defeat expected Democratic nominee Rory Reid 50 percent to 33 percent.

GOP incumbent Jim Gibbons trails Reid by 12 percentage points, 37 percent to 49 percent.

Sandoval leads Gibbons in a Republican primary, 41 percent to 20 percent, with 4 percent for former North Las Vegas Mayor Mike Montandon.

Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman, says he is “seriously considering running” for governor.

In a three-way race with Sandoval as the GOP nominee, Goodman and Sandoval are in a dead heat at 33 percent each while Reid comes in at 25 percent. If Gibbons is the nominee, Goodman earns 36 percent of the vote compared to 27 percent for Reid and 24 percent for the GOP incumbent.

So that’s the way it stacks up at the moment. Don’t have a prediction except that Gibbons won’t win.

[Source: CQ Politics]

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