Desert Beacon decries “old, white, male, power structure”

Desert Beacon, a stellar Nevada blogger, has written what Myrna the Minx calls a “brilliant” post you should go over and read.

Denouncing Rush Limbaugh and Pat Buchanan as “Kipling Men,” bearing the “White Man’s Burden” of

The old, white, male, power structure that has bestowed on us the “Glass Ceiling,” inequitable wages, anti-immigrant hysteria, jingoism, militarism (as opposed to support for the actual military), and opposition to affirmative action is predicated on an understanding no more current than Kipling’s defense of empire: That it is up to the White, Male, Anglo-Saxon, Christian to “bear the burden” of raising up, and thereby controlling, the impulses of their “subjects.” Who were the subjects? Non-whites, non-males, non-northern Europeans, and non-Christians. But Kipling, rightfully so, is out of fashion, and the White Males must find code in which to speak what Kipling published in popular magazines.

DB continues thrusting her sword into the sexism with

Blasting ‘affirmative action’ as mouthed by Rush Limbaugh and Pat Buchanan in reference to the nomination of Judge Sotomayor to the Supreme Court, illustrates their code. A non-white, non-male, non-northern European is never immediately assumed to be qualified to bear the White Man’s Burden. The sexism of that era in which women tried to play basketball in corsets, or uncorseted with men excluded from the gymnasium, is part and parcel of the Limbaugh-Buchanan cosmogony. If a non-white, non-northern European woman is selected it MUST be because of “identity politics” and cannot possibly be the result of a search for a middle of the road, academically and experientially prepared, professional jurist.

Well written and pinpoints the backwardness of the GOP’s tired, old fashioned thinking.

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